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Do's & Don'ts of Using a Standing Desk at Work June 12, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts of Using a Standing Desk at Work, Florence, Kentucky

Because today’s office culture often requires 40 hours of sitting in front of a screen, employers are always looking for new ways to fight the sedentary lifestyle and promote wellness. Sitting can lead to a variety of physical side effects, such as back pain and weakened muscles due to underutilization, so using a standing desk can make your job a little healthier. Below are a few tips for making a standing desk work for you.


Wear supportive shoes.

Because the purpose of a raised desk is to encourage standing and walking, you’ll need supportive shoes to make it through the day. Find shoes with adequate arch support and thick soles to avoid fatigue and back pain. This will create a firm foundation for your feet, legs, and spine. Additionally, avoid shoes that pinch or rub as they may discourage you from standing or walking throughout the day.

Invest in a cushioning mat.

Anti-fatigue mats provide underfoot support and comfort. Their squishy texture makes it more comfortable to stand all day, and you are less likely to experience lower back pain as a result. Choose a non-slip and waterproof option to avoid accidents on rainy days.


back painSlouch.

When you stand for too long, it’s tempting to let your muscles relax, which leads to slouching. If you feel your shoulders falling inward or your spine curving forward, take a break. Your muscles are tired of holding the same position. Go for a short walk to the break room to refill your coffee, or do some light upper-body twists if you need to stay at your desk. Calf raises and stretches can also rejuvenate your muscles.

Stand all day.

While standing is good for you, staying in one position for too long can strain your muscles. Alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, and invest in a tall stool to lean or sit on whenever you feel tired. If you’re just beginning to use a standing desk, ease into it; stand for 30-minute increments, then sit until you feel rested. This will help your body get used to using your muscles for support during the day.


If a standing desk doesn’t alleviate your office-related back pain, turn to Back to Health Chiropractic in Florence, KY. Their team of chiropractors will determine the cause of your pain, and their therapies will help you find relief. Whether it’s exercise-related knee or shoulder pain or pregnancy-induced backaches, they will create a treatment and therapy plan to address the root of the issue. Additionally, they will help you identify lifestyle and environmental changes you can make to alleviate your pain after you leave their office. To learn more about what to expect at your consultation, visit their website, and call (859) 746-2222 to schedule an appointment.

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