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4 Tips to Prepare Your Gas Grill for Summer June 26, 2019

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4 Tips to Prepare Your Gas Grill for Summer, Lynne, Wisconsin

The warmer weather and sunny days ahead set the perfect scene for some outdoor grilling. As you prepare for a summer of family meals and neighborhood parties, the first step is getting your propane grill ready for some cooking. Follow each of the steps below to ensure your grill is ready for some barbecuing.

How to Prepare a Propane Grill

1. Inspect It

Begin with a thorough inspection of the entire grill and all its components. Look for any signs of rust or corrosion and replace the damaged parts if you find any. Inspect the fuel lines for cracks or other damage and replace them if necessary.

2. Prepare the Tank

propaneIf you’re using an older propane tank, check it for signs of damage, such as dings or rust. Get a new one, if needed, and fill it up until it is 80% full (the gauge will show it as completely full). This gives some room in the tank for the gas to safely expand with temperature changes.

3. Clean It

Remove the grates from the grill and soak them in a bucket of hot water with dish soap. Cover the heating elements with foil, then scrub the underside of the hood with a grill brush to remove carbon buildup. Hose the grates off and scrub them, if needed, then remove the foil over the heating elements to replace the grates.

4. Test It

Test your grill by turning it on and allowing it to preheat. Check that it is heating evenly and to the proper temperature. Doing this before you actually want to grill ensures your food will be cooked properly.


Find a convenience store near you to supply your propane all summer long, and you’ll be ready for a season of fantastic outdoor cooking. Tri-Mart BP is the family-owned shop providing 24/7 fuel availability in Tripoli, WI. In addition to their gas station, their full-service store has the snacks and beer you need for your barbecue. Learn more about them on their website and call (715) 564-2440 with any questions.

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