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How to Decide Between Plastic Bins & Cardboard Boxes for Storage July 11, 2019

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How to Decide Between Plastic Bins & Cardboard Boxes for Storage, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Ensuring the safety and security of your belongings is a priority when moving homes. If you’re putting items in storage, then you have some options for packing and transporting. Cardboard boxes and plastic bins are two of the most popular because they’re easy to stack and fit into a unit. Below is a guide to help you decide between these two containers.

Plastic Bins


Plastic storage containers come in various models and styles to fit most organizational purposes. Most moving companies rent bins and provide them to customers depending on volume and demand. They come with snap-on lids and are equipped with handles or notches for easy carrying, saving you the hassle of taping up boxes and struggling to lift them when moving. Most plastic bins are designed to support weight, which makes stacking feasible.

Since these containers are made from sturdy materials, they save you from having to buy boxes in bulk and replace them if they get damaged. They’re also element-resistant, so you can consistently reuse these bins without compromising the protection of your valuables.


Plastic bins aren’t as affordable as boxes, which are cheap and widely accessible for use. This is because cardboard packaging is cheaper to manufacture than plastic packaging. ​​​​The type of plastic used to make storage bins is non-degradable, making it dangerous for the environment. Instead of decomposing, it releases toxic chemicals that poison wildlife and pollute our oceans.

Cardboard Boxes


storageThese basic supplies are distributed by most storage facilities and moving companies, and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate items, whether they’re fragile or heavy. They’re typically inexpensive and can even be found for free online

Most boxes are made from corrugated paper, a material that is biodegradable and healthy for the environment. Cardboard can easily be recycled and repurposed, which prevents deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. One ton of recycled cardboard saves 17 trees and reduces energy consumption by 64% in factories.


Cardboard is sensitive to the elements, particularly moisture. Humidity can break down the material and cause the cardboard to deteriorate, which damages the items inside. Prolonged exposure to moisture can invite mold and mildew growth.

Boxes are also vulnerable to pest problems because termites will eat the glue and pulp used to make them. The corrugated material inside also provides a safe place for them to feast and hide. If you bring the boxes inside your new home, the pests can also become unwanted guests.


Choosing a method of storage may be difficult, but choosing a unit isn’t with the help of professionals at Northgate Mini Storage in Jacksonville, AR. They’re open seven days a week to accommodate your schedule. Their property is fenced and secured with computerized entry to provide a safe shelter for your valuables. To discuss renting a unit, visit them online or call (501) 985-5054.

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