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How to Prepare Your RV for a Road Trip June 12, 2019

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How to Prepare Your RV for a Road Trip, San Marcos, Texas

When the kids are finally out of school and the sun is shining brightly, you might be eager to head out on the open road with your loved ones—just as soon as you get the RV out of storage. But after months of inactivity, you can’t simply take off running. The guide below explains how to prepare your recreational vehicle for the long journey ahead.

5 Tips for Taking an RV Out of Storage

1. Perform an Initial Inspection

After removing the protective storage cover from the RV, keep your eyes peeled for visible damage to the vehicle's exterior. If you notice cracks, rust, loose hardware, or other signs of deterioration, take it to a mechanic, who can perform the necessary repairs.

2. Clean the Vehicle

Next, wash the auto body to eliminate dust and grime that may have gathered in the past few months so these particles don’t damage the paint. Head inside the RV to vacuum carpets, wipe down counters, replace bedding, and perform detailing work in preparation for your summer trips.

3. Check & Refill Fluids

storageRecreational vehicles rely on a number of fluids to operate properly. For example, the engine requires lubricant to prevent overheating caused by friction between metal parts. Check on the RV’s coolant, gas, and oil supplies, and refill them as needed to ensure the vehicle can brave a long journey.

4. Inspect Electronics

Before you head out, check that all the electronic features within your RV are functioning properly. Broken headlights, brake lights, and interior lights could cause safety issues, and you’ll want your radio and TVs to be in working order for entertainment on a long drive. Also, inspect the battery that powers these features for signs of corrosion or other damage.

5. Check Tires

As you reach faster speeds on paved highways and roll across rocky campgrounds, you’ll need the RV’s tires to be in excellent condition. Check every tire for excessive or uneven tread wear, and ensure tire pressure is set to the manufacturer-recommended PSI. Without enough tread and pressure, you could be especially vulnerable to a blowout.


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