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How to Tell if You Should Replace or Refinish Hardwood Floors June 17, 2019

Mack North, Green
How to Tell if You Should Replace or Refinish Hardwood Floors, Green, Ohio

Hardwood floors bring a distinctive character that adds value to any home — but over time, natural wear and tear will diminish their appearance and performance. As your flooring starts to age, you may wonder whether you can restore it to its original appearance or if it needs to be replaced. The following factors can help you determine if you should replace or refinish hardwood floors.

3 Key Factors to Know If You Need to Replace or Refinish Hardwood Floors

1. Depth of Scratches

Scratches will afflict every hardwood floor sooner or later. Widespread scratches that have gone through the stain can be fixed through refinishing; this will prevent water penetration and stop future damage. However, larger and deeper gouges or chips will generally need to be replaced, as they are more likely to splinter and cannot be repaired through refinishing.

2. Uneven or Cupped Flooring

refinish hardwood floorsDamage to the subfloor will typically require a replacement of the affected area. This is most easily noticed by a section of the floor that feels soft or uneven. This typically occurs due to rot caused by water penetration. In homes with high humidity levels, a damaged subfloor could also cause the surface-level hardwood to cup or curl. The affected wood will typically need to be replaced.

3. Stains & Discoloration

Whether the result of aging, sun damage, or a spilled glass of wine, stains and discoloration can cause large sections of your flooring to appear to be in poor condition. Simply staining the surface typically isn’t enough to resolve the problem. Sanding and refinishing the floors will ensure consistent coloration for the entire surface.


Restoring hardwood floors isn’t always easy — but Old Reliable Floor Co will help your flooring look like new again. Serving the Cincinnati, OH, area since 1949, their skilled technicians have earned an A+ BBB® rating thanks to their industry expertise and superior customer service, which they utilize every time they refinish hardwood floors. To learn more about their hardwood floor refinishing services or to schedule a consultation, visit them online or call (513) 922-5598.

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