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3 Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Tips for Summer June 12, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
3 Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Tips for Summer, Ewa, Hawaii

With the warmth of summertime temperatures and longer hours of daylight, you’ll likely use the air conditioner more frequently. Air conditioning accounts for 27% of a Hawaii home's energy usage. Fortunately, you can take some AC maintenance steps to conserve energy and even save a little money in the process this summer.

How to Reduce Energy Consumption With Summer AC Usage

1. Clean Out the Air Filter

The air filter catches much of the dirt, dander, and debris that circulates through the AC system. The unit has to work harder to pump air through a clogged or dirty filter, which leads to less energy efficiency and more wear and tear on the system. Routine AC maintenance should involve regular cleaning of the filter at least once a month during the summer. If the filter is replaceable, switch it out with a new one. If it's permanent, clean it with the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner.

2. Set the Thermostat at a Higher Temperature

AC maintenanceA digital, programmable thermostat makes it easy to reduce energy consumption. Set the thermostat at the highest temperature at which you can still maintain an acceptable level of comfort. Also, program different temperatures for different times of the day. If nobody is home during the day, there's no need to cool down the house, so set the temperature relatively high. At night, keep temperatures on the higher end, or turn the unit off and open the windows to let in the cooler air.

3. Don't Place Large Appliances Near the Thermostat

Never place a large appliance, like washers and dryers, electronics, or even floor lamps, near the thermostat. Since the thermostat senses the temperature in its immediate vicinity, it may misinterpret the heat from these appliances as indicative of the temperature in the entire house. The unit will then work harder to lower the temperature, leading to an unnecessary increase in energy consumption.


To save more energy with your air conditioner this summer, schedule routine AC maintenance with Air Conditioning Unlimited. For over 20 years, the Pearl City-based contractor has served property owners throughout the island of Oahu. They offer residential and commercial HVAC services, including air conditioner installations and inspections. Call (808) 455-3128 or visit them online to schedule AC maintenance today.

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