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When Will My Child Lose Their Baby Teeth? July 11, 2019

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When Will My Child Lose Their Baby Teeth?, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Gaining and losing baby teeth are rites of passage for kids. The body doesn’t work on a set schedule, but these events tend to happen by certain ages. As a parent, understanding these timelines can help you care for your little one and decide when to schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist. Here’s a guide to when teeth typically erupt and some issues that can pop up along the way.

Baby Teeth Timeline

pediatric dentistWhile every child’s development is unique, many kids get their first teeth between the ages of four and six months. In most cases, the full set of primary teeth appear by three years of age. Front teeth, or incisors, tend to emerge in the lower half first. Molars and canines typically grow after the front ones.

Permanent Teeth Timeline

Permanent teeth usually start to emerge when kids are six years old. As they push their way up through the gums, they remove the roots of baby teeth, pushing them out. Permanent teeth often appear in the order that the primary ones arrived, with the bottom sections emerging first. All permanent ones should be in place around the age of 12. Wisdom teeth are an exception, typically developing in early adulthood or late adolescence. 

When to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Eruption problems can occur during this process, requiring the assistance of a pediatric dentist. Primary teeth can sometimes remain as permanent teeth erupt. Your child will have two rows of teeth, which can get in the way of eating and cause discomfort. Permanent teeth may also emerge in the wrong position, creating crowding and misalignment. These may be corrected with orthodontic solutions, including braces.


The kind and caring pediatric dentists of Pediatric Dentistry of Onalaska in Wisconsin provide parents and kids with useful tips when it comes to oral hygiene. They strive to create a relaxed office environment to ensure your little one is comfortable during treatment. As a full-service practice, they offer everything from dental cleanings to orthodontics. Learn more about children’s dentistry online or call (608) 781-9114 to schedule an exam.

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