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3 Easy Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors June 12, 2019

Mack North, Green
3 Easy Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors, Green, Ohio

By restoring or refinishing hardwood floors, you can make century-old flooring look brand new. But be careful: if the floors in your home have recently been refinished, it’s necessary to prevent damage so they can stay strong and look presentable for years to come. Here are three easy ways to protect your hardwood from wear.

How to Prevent Damage After Refinishing Hardwood Floors

1. Be Weather-Aware

Whether it’s rain or snow, wet weather will take a toll on hardwood floors. Avoid tracking water and salt into your home by using a welcome mat outside the door or taking your shoes off when you enter — and don’t be afraid to enforce your house rules when you have guests over.

If you have room, consider adding small storage baskets for each family member or a shoe rack to share in the entryway. That way, you can take off and put on your shoes right by the door, and avoid the temptation to walk through the house with dirty soles.

2. Prevent Dents & Scratches

refinishing hardwood floorsIf the legs of your furniture didn’t come with protective tips, invest in felt pads or rubber caps, which will protect the floor from dents and scratches if you decide to rearrange. Another source of scratches is indoor pets like cats and dogs, whose overgrown nails can nick surfaces as they walk. Keep their nails clipped to the correct length for their breed; generally, cats should have their nails cut every 10 days to two weeks, while most dogs need theirs cut every one to two months.

These steps are especially important after refinishing hardwood floors because the restoration process involves sanding away visible scratches to create a fresh, smooth surface. If you don’t take preventative measures, it’s easy to reverse the recent renewal.

3. Clean Regularly

Vacuums aren’t just for carpet — they can suck up dust and food spills from your hardwood, too. After you've vacuumed, round out your cleaning regimen with a mop and some cleaner. Choose a product without ammonia, vinegar, or oil to prevent a sticky buildup and a dull top coat.

If you’re not sure if a cleaner is suitable for your floor, test it by spraying it on a window or other glass surface. If it leaves behind any visible residue or film, it’s probably best to steer clear of it. Additionally, make sure the mop you use is damp — not dripping — as excess water can warp the boards or damage the finish.


If your wood floors have seen better days, Old Reliable Floor Co will help. Their professional technicians serve many neighborhoods in the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area, including Batavia, Loveland, Northbrook, Norwood, and Blue Ash. They specialize in restoring and refinishing hardwood floors and pride themselves in their attention to detail. Call (513) 922-5598 to schedule an estimate or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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