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3 Ways to Become a Better Bowfisher June 12, 2019

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3 Ways to Become a Better Bowfisher, Cuba, Missouri

If you’ve only ever worked with a rod and bait, you might regard the pastime as a relaxing way to spend the day on a fishing boat. When you try bowfishing, lazy days on the lake become exciting adventures. Whether you’re a rookie or a bowfishing enthusiast, use the following list of pointers to catch more fish with this adrenaline-inducing method over the summer.

3 Tips for Improving Your Bowfishing Game This Summer

1. Start Light

If you’re a beginner at bowfishing, it’s crucial to start with a lightweight bow. While it might not feel as high-quality as a heavier weapon, you’ll be making a lot of shots when you’re learning, and it’s important to avoid tiring out or pulling a muscle. While you’ll need to purchase arrows and arrowheads on the lighter side to fit your bow, keep in mind that these will only be effective on less powerful, thinner skinned fish, which may be smaller and harder to aim at. You can also reduce bow weight by going without a sight—this accessory will, ironically, reduce visibility; with bowfishing, you rarely have time to line up a shot as it is.

2. Practice With a Bottle

fishing boatIf you struggle to make a catch out on the fishing boat, take some time to practice your aim with a plastic bottle. Empty it of any liquid and set it on the ground, then remove the tip of your arrow to prevent damage during practice. With a stationary target, you’ll have a solid chance to learn where you should aim and where your arrow tends to stray; for example, you might notice it usually lands a bit left of where you wanted. Once you’re in a boat, you’ll be comfortable with your bow and skills to make a confident shot.

3. Give Yourself a Sight Advantage

Even as a seasoned bowfisher, there are some lesser-known tricks for improving the odds. For example, do you wear sunglasses while out on the water? If your shades aren’t polarized, it will be a lot harder for you to see fish below the water’s surface. Invest in a moderately priced pair of polarized lenses so you can improve your visibility while bowfishing without worrying about losing them to a feisty catch.


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