3 Crucial Land Clearing Tools June 5, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Crucial Land Clearing Tools, ,

In most cases, before a property can be built, a strong foundation must be laid—but that’s near impossible with rocks, trees, and brush in the way. Land clearing professionals use heavy-duty equipment to prepare undeveloped lots for new construction. If you’re about to hire such a crew and want to learn more about the gear they use, consider the following brief list.

3 Pieces of Equipment Essential to Land Clearing

1. Feller Buncher

If the property is considerably large—such as for a resort or industrial facility—land clearing professionals won’t have time to cut down trees individually with a chainsaw. Luckily, feller bunchers are massive, track-mounted machines with hot saws, which can cut and hold multiple trees at once. The operator is kept safely inside an enclosed part of the vehicle, which also allows them to use the feller buncher at any time of the year.  

2. Whole Tree Chippers

land clearingWith a whole tree chipper, land clearing professionals can shred entire trees into small chips in one fell swoop. For example, some tree chippers have the strength to obliterate trunks up to 40 inches thick. If your property is filled with trees, this machine is essential for your land clearing project.

2. Forestry Mulcher

Of course, large trees aren’t the only plant life you’ll need to clear away. For bushes, underbrush, and saplings, your land clearing crew will use a mulcher to turn smaller vegetation into mulch. If you want to leave older, larger trees in place, you can efficiently clear away the other plants—without causing unwanted damage. Plus, since the mulch produced serves as a rich, organic fertilizer, workers can skip the hauling process.


If you need to hire a professional land clearing company for your construction project, get in touch with Alaska Hydro Ax in Anchorage. They have become the state’s leading excavation contractor, handling everything from land clearing to tree stump removal. They also cater to both commercial and residential projects. To learn more about their work, visit their website, or call (907) 243-6200 to request a free estimate.

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