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The Importance of Notary Services June 19, 2019

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The Importance of Notary Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many documents, including real estate sales contracts, powers of attorney, and legal complaints, have to be notarized before they become valid. However, not many people know what a notary does and why the legal system requires their services. Here’s a brief guide to explain what you need to know about this vital profession.

What Does a Notary Do?

notaryWhile they might be found working in banks or legal firms, a notary public is actually an officer of the court, charged with certifying the authenticity of a legal document. To ensure that parties to a deal are who they claim to be, a notary will examine their ID and witness their signature. In some cases, they may also take steps to verify that the individuals signing a document understands the contents or transaction taking place.

Why Would I Need One?

State or federal law might require that some documents be notarized, especially those involving the transfer of significant assets or establishing legal authority over someone else. However, financial institutions, law firms, and other parties involved in a transaction might require a notarized signature on a document, even if the law does not. You may also choose to have a document notarized to protect yourself from legal challenges and accusations of fraudulent conduct later.

Which Documents Need to Be Notarized?

The laws governing which documents should be notarized vary according to jurisdiction. Real estate deeds sales contracts generally must receive a notary’s seal. Powers of attorney must also be notarized, but you may choose to have a notary verify promissory notes, sales contracts, and other documents to protect your interests.


If you need a document notarized, contact the team at AAA Legal Process, Inc., in Honolulu, HI. These professionals offer fast, reliable notary services to clients across Oahu. Whether you’re preparing an estate plan or involved in a legal dispute, you can rely on their team of experienced professionals to provide the support you need. Visit their website for a closer look at their services, or call (844) 737-8344 to make an appointment.

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