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5 Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Dental Health June 12, 2019

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5 Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Dental Health, San Marcos, Texas

Good dental health is crucial for canines. After all, they need strong teeth to bite through food with ease. Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of dogs are estimated to experience dental complications—such as periodontal disease and fractured teeth. However, by practicing the following pet dental care strategies, you can prevent this from happening to your pup.

Pet Dental Care Tips for Dogs

1. Brush Their Teeth Often

Regular brushing is critical to removing plaque—a colorless film of bacteria that collects on teeth and gums, contributing to periodontal disease and other dental problems. Since human toothpaste may be toxic to dogs, use products that are safe for pet dental care. If you’re new to brushing, take it slow until your companion gets comfortable with the process.

2. Make Fresh Water Available

Dry mouth—a result of dehydration—creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive in the mouth. To prevent bacteria from causing disease-spawning infections, provide your dog with fresh drinking water all the time so they can stay hydrated enough to produce saliva.

3. Provide Dental-Friendly Treats & Toys

pet dental careWhen brushing isn’t convenient, chewing on a tooth-friendly treat or toy can help remove plaque and food debris from your dog’s smile. Look for rubberized chew toys with bristles or natural bones to optimize your pet’s oral health.

4. Consider Dry Food

If your four-legged friend chows down on wet food, it may stick to their teeth and leave a film of sugar on the enamel. When bacteria feed on these sugars, they produce acids that can cause decay and other oral health problems. If your dog has a history of dental disease, ask your veterinarian if switching to a nutritional dry kibble would help.

5. Visit a Veterinarian Regularly

Visit your veterinary hospital for routine dog dental cleanings about once a year or as recommended by your provider. Using special tools and techniques, your vet will be able to clear away plaque and tartar that cannot be removed through at-home methods.


Protecting your pup’s smile is easy when you visit Animal Care Center of Hays County. Serving the San Marcos, TX, community, this full-service veterinary hospital offers comprehensive pet dental care—including dog dental cleanings and emergency oral treatment. In addition to oral health, this friendly team is also equipped to address everything from dog vaccinations to canine nutrition so your four-legged friend can lead a happy and healthy life. For more details on these services, visit this animal hospital online. To schedule a convenient appointment, call (512) 754-6333.

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