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4 Tips for Keeping Books in a Storage Unit June 12, 2019

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4 Tips for Keeping Books in a Storage Unit, Archdale, North Carolina

If you own more books than you can comfortably keep at home, you might consider putting them in a storage unit for safekeeping. While it’s a great way to free up some valuable space, you need to make sure that you pack your reading materials properly to protect their integrity, whether they’re first editions or simply waiting to be reread. Here’s what you should do to ensure they stay in great condition.

How to Pack Books for Storage

1. Clean Them First

Before you place your books in boxes, clean each one gently to remove all traces of dirt and dust that may have accumulated over the years. Lightly shake them out to remove any debris. Avoid using a damp cloth, as moisture can promote mold and spoilage. If the books have a musty odor, let them sit out for a couple of days before you pack them up.

2. Wrap Them Properly

When wrapping the books, avoid using materials that promote structural problems. Plastic locks in moisture and could cause long-term damage to your collection, and newspaper is so acidic that it could rub off on the surfaces. Use packing paper instead, and place a sheet in between each book to prevent copies from sticking.

3. Pack Them Carefully

Archdale, NC storageNestle each book carefully inside high-quality, rigid boxes that are strong enough to support the weight. Avoid cramming too many into a single box, as this can cause damage to the books, but don’t underfill the box either, as this promotes too much movement while in transit. Stack the largest and heaviest flat at the bottom and work your way up. Fill in any empty spaces with bubble wrap or crumpled tissue paper to prevent jostling.

4. Stack Boxes Efficiently

Store your books mindfully so you can always access what you need. Label boxes that contain reading materials you may require sooner, and place them in an easily accessible part of your unit. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and stack progressively lighter ones on top to prevent damage while in storage.


If you’re seeking a safe location to store your books, turn to Carolina Self Storage in Archdale, NC. Offering over 30 years of industry experience, the storage facility offers units in five sizes designed to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you’re only storing books and media or require a space for a wider range of belongings, you’ll find a size that’s appropriate. Visit them online to browse their options or give them a call at (336) 434-4367.

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