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4 Mobile Food Truck Ideas for Serving Breakfast July 3, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 Mobile Food Truck Ideas for Serving Breakfast, Brooklyn, New York

Instead of opening a cafe or brick and mortar restaurant, many savvy entrepreneurs decide to start a mobile food truck. These restaurants on wheels offer flexibility and lower startup costs so you can delight customers, boost profits, and hone a perfect menu. If you’re looking to serve breakfast to families, students, or business professionals, here are a few custom food truck concepts to consider. 

Breakfast Mobile Food Truck Ideas

1. Coffee Truck

Coffee trucks have become incredibly popular, especially as gourmet coffee and local roasteries have become more desirable. By setting up a coffee truck, you can serve delicious hot and cold beverages to customers alongside baked goods and sweet treats. Once you find the perfect place to park, pedestrians can’t help but stop for their daily fix of caffeine. 

2. Breakfast Taco Truck

When you’re looking for menu flexibility that appeals to a wide range of customers, a taco truck is an ideal option. Using a combination of eggs, cheese, breakfast sausage, potatoes, bacon, salsa, and guacamole will keep your menu easy to manage and delicious. Better still, you can prepare breakfast tacos in advance for grab and go or transition to a lunch menu to keep your mobile food truck viable regardless of the time of day. 

3. Smoothies & Yogurt Bowls

It can be difficult to find a healthy, nutritious breakfast option when you’re in a hurry. That’s why smoothie and health-conscious food trucks are such a hit! By offering a combination of fresh, nutrient-rich smoothies, pressed juices, and yogurt bowls topped with fruit and granola, you’ll enjoy repeat business for a happy crowd of customers looking to buy a quick breakfast without unnecessary calories. 

4. Bagels & Breakfast Sandwiches

Mobile Food TruckWhen in doubt, sticking to popular breakfast staples using excellent ingredients cooked to perfection will always have a built-in fan base. Create a menu that includes bagels and breakfast sandwiches served on biscuits and croissants. The satisfying and quick service you can provide will lead to repeat business. 


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