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FAQ About Termites for Summer June 12, 2019

Miami, Clermont
FAQ About Termites for Summer, Miami, Ohio

Termites are not only bothersome and unsightly, but they can be detrimental to your property. After entering through your home’s foundation, these winged pests eat through wood, causing major structural damage. To address your most pressing questions regarding termite control, here are a few common questions.

4 FAQ About Termites During Summer

How Can I Identify a Termite?

Sometimes confused with winged ants, subterranean termite swarmers are about 1/4-inch long with two pairs of wings. Their wings are of equal size, unlike ants. Termites are pale and appear to have segmented bodies, and their heads appear to be separate and distinct from their abdomens. These pests have soft bodies and straight antennae.

How Do Termites Enter My Property?

termite controlTermites can easily enter your property in various ways, mostly through the soil along your home’s foundation. Due to their small size, they can squeeze through tiny spaces, such as cracks and holes. Since they can eat through wood, they can also enter through outdoor wooden structures, including porches, decks, and ramps.

Can Termites Get Through Concrete? 

While termites are unable to get through solid concrete, they can wiggle through cracks in the cement. This can happen when concrete is poured in separate stages or when there are gaps from your plumbing. For these reasons, ensure your home’s foundation is properly sealed.

How Can I Protect Against Termites?

Since termites forage year-round underground, they can become a potential problem, particularly if you have a faulty foundation. Your best protection against these damaging creatures is a professional inspection and preventive termite control. A professional exterminator will inspect accessible areas of the home, searching for potential points of entry. They will also examine your property’s exterior, basement, and crawlspaces, looking for signs of infestation such as discarded wings and damaged wood.


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