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3 Benefits of Line Jetting When You Have a Clog June 12, 2019

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3 Benefits of Line Jetting When You Have a Clog, Anchorage, Alaska

Also known as hydro jetting, line jetting utilizes a high-pressure hose to clean plumbing. The hose is connected to a pressurizing machine and features a special nozzle to effectively break down debris. When your piping has clogs or low water pressure, this is an effective solution. To help you care for your plumbing the right way, here’s more information about the benefits of this service.

Why Choose Line Jetting for Plumbing Work

1. Doesn’t Cause Damage

Line jetting blasts away clogs quickly and thoroughly. The high-pressure water also eliminates soap scum, grease, and other grime encrusted on the walls of your pipes, which drain augers can’t do. While improper auger use and liquid chemicals can damage your system or cause corrosion, jetting is completely safe since it only uses water.

2. Is Eco-Friendly

line jettingNot only do liquid plumbing chemicals corrode pipes, but they also end up in streams and rivers, decreasing water quality and potentially harming wildlife. Since there are no chemicals used in line jetting, there is no risk of environmental damage. 

3. Saves Time & Money

When you attempt DIY work with chemical cleaners, you may end up buying countless bottles of products that don’t solve your issue. With a one-time investment, jetting clears your pipes all the way through, working effectively every time. Not only does this save you on costly supplies, but it also helps minimize downtime and save you time on labor. 


If you need line jetting to clear your pipes, call Around The Clock Pumping. This drain cleaning and septic pumping company provides Anchorage, AK, and the Matu-Su and Kenai Peninsulas with 24/7 services. They have over 17 years of experience and offer top-notch customer support. Learn more about what they do online, or call (907) 345-9126 to schedule an appointment. 

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