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What to Look for When Inspecting Your Windows This Summer June 12, 2019

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What to Look for When Inspecting Your Windows This Summer, Orchard Park, New York

After the heavy rains of spring, summer is a natural time to check in on the condition of your windows. In addition to cleaning them, it’s worth conducting a brief inspection to see if it’s time for a repair or even a whole new unit. Here’s a guide to what you should pay attention to while you’re looking. 

3 Window Issues to Keep an Eye Out For

1. Cracked Glass

Whether it’s from an errant baseball or a piece of hail, cracks can happen in your glass windows. Though small cracks may not be that unsightly, they create a constant leak, making it tougher to control the temperature of your home and forcing your HVAC units to work harder. Just as importantly, a small crack can grow easily over time with pressure, putting the whole window at risk of shattering — a major safety hazard. 

2. Foggy Windows

windowsIf your windows always appear to have a type of fog on the glass, it may mean the seal between the two panes has broken, which can happen over time. That rupture gathers particles of debris that condense and block your view. Additionally, the breakage lowers the insulation value, allowing air to escape more easily.

3. Other Issues

Even if your window looks like it’s in fine condition, it’s still wise to take a moment to open it, close it, and test the lock. If it feels jammed or you struggle to shut it, the frame may be breaking down or the window itself might be warped. In either case, a technician should examine the window so you can get it back to working condition while avoiding a loss of cool air and potential burglary.


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