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3 Benefits of Using a Delivery Service for Dental Supplies June 12, 2019

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 3 Benefits of Using a Delivery Service for Dental Supplies, Wasilla, Alaska

Keeping a stock of dental supplies is crucial to running a successful practice. You can’t afford to run out of health care products, and it’s not always easy to find the time to go out and restock on your own. Many health care providers are outsourcing their stocking needs by hiring a third-party delivery service. You’ll find this route has a number of advantages that will benefit you and your patients.

Why Should You Use a Delivery Service for Dental Supplies?

1. Guaranteed Delivery

Ordering dental supplies online is convenient, but if you’re simply going through an e-commerce provider, there’s no assurance that the products will make it on time. A dedicated delivery service handles all transportation needs, ensuring guaranteed same-day delivery. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that guaranteed service provides.

2. Budget-Friendly Solutions

delivery serviceA delivery service focuses on creating long-term relationships with customers, which is why many companies offer convenient business plans to meet any budget. When you speak with a representative, they’ll assess your delivery needs, including the size and frequency of the delivery. They plug this into a plan that ensures all of your needs are met—without going over your budget. When considering savings, keep in mind that you’ll be saving money by not going to and from the supplier yourself, paying for postage, or having to pay employees overtime to handle pickups.

3. Flexibility

Health care needs change. You may need larger deliveries one week and smaller the next. Frequency may change at a moment’s notice, and a delivery service will ensure you’re covered. They’re far more flexible than related services, so you can count on having a delivery when you need it.


Whether you need to schedule regular deliveries or a one-time job, Kidd Curry Express offers the assistance you need. This Wasilla, AK-based delivery service is proud to serve the surrounding communities and creates custom plans for each client. They can handle letters, packages, medical and dental equipment, and home appliances—all of which you can explore on their website. Call (907) 373-3278 to speak with a courier about their same-day delivery services.

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