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What to Know Before Taking Home a Husky June 17, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
What to Know Before Taking Home a Husky, Manhattan, New York

Taking home your first husky is an exciting occasion, so make sure you’re fully prepared for your new companion. Every dog has its own special needs, but huskies are an especially unique and spirited breed. From dog grooming to temperament, there are a few ways husky care stands out. Here is what you should know about huskies before bringing one home.

5 Details New Husky Owners Should Know

1. They’re Full of Energy

Intelligent, athletic, and easily bored, this energetic breed needs room to explore. They become restless when left alone with nothing to do for long periods. If you’re the type who frequently goes on hikes and outdoor adventures, a husky will easily fit into your lifestyle. Make sure you can give your pup plenty of daily exercise.

2. They Can Be Stubborn

Life with a husky requires some patience and a lot of training. Since huskies were bred to follow a leader, you’ll need to establish yourself as such early on. This breed is known for being stubborn, so as long as you consistently assert your status as the boss, they’ll respect your position and follow commands.

3. Dog Grooming Is a Must

dog groomingThe distinctively thick, fluffy coat of a husky requires frequent dog grooming. In preparation to gain and release their winter coat, huskies shed a hefty volume of fur. Be prepared to vacuum and dust often during these two periods of the year. To minimize fur clumps in the air, on the floor, and all over furniture, brush your dog daily.

4. Cooler Climates Are Best

A husky’s warm coat makes it well-suited to cool climates. During the summer, it’s important to provide them with adequate shade, air conditioning, and continuous access to clean water. When giving your pup fresh air and exercise, be sure to take breaks and bring a collapsible bowl and water bottles wherever you go.

5. They Give Affection Freely

If you bring a husky into your life, be ready to receive plenty of cuddles and affection. Huskies are a particularly pack-oriented breed, so when your dog considers you family, they’ll openly express their love and loyalty. They’re quick to greet guests and make them feel welcome as well. 



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