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3 Common Tree Diseases In Wisconsin June 12, 2019

Crescent, Oneida
3 Common Tree Diseases In Wisconsin, Crescent, Wisconsin

Healthy trees improve the appearance of your landscaping and make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. To keep them lush and green, homeowners must know the signs of common tree diseases in their area so they can call tree services as soon as possible. If you’re a resident of Wisconsin, here’s a guide to some of the diseases that plants in the area frequently face.

Tree Diseases Homeowners In Wisconsin May Encounter

1. Anthracnose

This fungal disease is one of the most common in the area, affecting the foliage and twigs of trees. It’s particularly common with oak, maple, ash, and walnut trees, spreading during the spring when they bloom. Anthracnose first results in spots and rot on the leaves. It then moves up the leaf veins to affect the twigs. Over time, it can cause them to lose their leaves and die.

2. Scab

tree serviceIf you have crabapples in your yard, it may develop scab. This disease appears on leaves in the early spring. You might notice gray or green spots on the underside of the leaves. Be sure to call a tree service professional when you notice these spots, as they can prevent the fungus from spreading. To do this, they’ll trim the infected leaves and remove them from the ground.

3. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew appears on trees like oak and sycamore, but it’s especially common in shrubs like lilac and honeysuckle. You will notice a white powdery substance on the leaves, stems, and buds. Plants that grow in shady and crowded areas are more vulnerable to this mildew since it thrives in dark and moist locations. To correct the issue, a tree service contractor may use a fungicide to kill the bacteria. They may also recommend regular pruning to improve air flow between the branches. 


Whether you are improving the appearance of your yard or addressing a diseased tree, the team at Todd’s Tip Top Complete Tree Service provides everything you need. Serving North-Central Wisconsin, these licensed and insured tree service experts offer disaster cleanup, tree trimming, and stump removal. With over 25 years of experience, they’re well-versed in tree care and use high-quality equipment for all jobs. See how they can help online or call (715) 282-5858 to discuss a project.

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