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A Quick Guide to Fade Haircuts June 11, 2019

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A Quick Guide to Fade Haircuts, Anchorage, Alaska

Fade haircuts for men start thick at the top and progress into bare skin along the back of the neck and sides of the face. They come in many variations, giving you the option to tailor your look to your preferences. If you’re considering this type of style, you may be wondering how to choose one that works for you. To help you create a cut that enhances your best features, here’s a guide to how to customize yours.

What Should I Know About Fade Haircuts?


Among the many types of fade haircuts is the standard taper fade, which offers a natural look that doesn’t expose too much scalp. The taper begins at the nape of the neck, extends to the widest part of the head, then gets darker and thicker as it meets the rest of the hair.

Low fades expose more skin around the lower parts of the head, letting you emphasize wavy or textured hair at the top. Mid fades show off even more skin, as they concentrate on hair at the top of the head with a faded buzz cut around the whole area. High fades expose the most skin, creating a bare look around the head with hair only on top.

haircutsThe Beard Factor

To blend a beard with a fade haircut, many stylists leave the same amount of buzzed hair around the bottom of the chin and the top of the head to create balance. The beard thins as it moves up the face for a tapered effect. If the lower section of the head is completely buzzed, the beard will likely stay even throughout.

Styling Tips

If your look includes a significant amount of hair at the crown, consider a side part and a little gel to keep the strands in place. Maintain a smooth look by conditioning and combing it often.

For closely-cropped fades, it is still possible to add a style element with a hair design. Stylists can add lines or zigzags at the sides to give you a sleek and interesting look.

Discuss your fade haircut ideas with the stylists at A Cut Above to get a look you love. Based in Anchorage, AK, this salon draws from 38 years of experience to create picture-perfect results that keep clients coming back. They can give you a style that will highlight your best features. View pricing information on their website or call (907) 276-6884 to schedule an appointment.

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