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How Microchipping Protects Your Pet June 12, 2019

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
How Microchipping Protects Your Pet, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

When your cat or dog wanders away, they face many dangers. They could enter another animal’s territory and get into a fight, for instance, or get hit by a car. The sooner they get home, the better. Having a veterinarian provide your pet with a microchip greatly improves the odds that your furry friend will be safely returned to you. 

How Does Microchipping Work?

The veterinarian injects the chip under your pet’s skin using a needle. The pain level is comparable to any other injection, and no surgery or anesthesia is needed. The process can be done during a routine veterinary visit.

veterinarianThe microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, can be activated using a scanner. The chip then shares its dedicated identification number, which displays on the scanner’s screen. 

This unique identifier is then matched to the chip manufacturer’s database, which stores information regarding the pet owner’s contact information. Some microchip databases also contain medical details about the animal. 

What Are the Benefits of Microchipping?

One study of over 7,000 stray animals showed that microchipped dogs have a 30% higher chance of being returned home than nonmicrochipped ones. For cats, that number jumped to nearly 37%. A microchip is secure and long-lasting; the animal can’t shake it off, and a thief can’t cut it off. This means there’s a much higher chance of the pet and owner being reunited. 


June is National Microchipping Month, making it the perfect time to get your pet microchipped. Let Tender Care Animal Hospital in Prairie du Chien, WI, do the job. If your cat or dog gets anxious at the veterinarian’s office, these professionals will go the extra mile to make them feel at ease. They are a fear-free certified animal hospital and use various resources, including medication, treats, and expert handling, to mitigate stress. Find out more about their services, from pet grooming to vaccinations, online. To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian, call the animal clinic at (608) 326-7101.