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5 Dental Care Tips to Follow Over Summer Vacation June 12, 2019

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5 Dental Care Tips to Follow Over Summer Vacation, Somerset, Kentucky

Summer is the perfect time to get away, whether it’s for a week soaking up the sun at the beach or a mountain-side escape for some cooler air. However, you don’t want a dental care emergency to interrupt your vacation. Follow these guidelines to ensure your smile is still sparkling by the time you get home.

5 Summer Holiday Dental Care Tips

1. See Your Dentist Before You Go

Whether you’ve had an ache in your jaw for some time or you recently noticed a chip in your tooth, see your dentist before you leave to address any pending problems. You don’t want it to worsen mid-holiday. Additionally, they likely have a supply of travel-sized toothpaste and floss, which are convenient for flights and tightly packed bags.

2. Pack Your Toothbrush Carefully

When stowing your toothbrush, avoid plastic covers. These prevent bristles from drying and encourage bacterial growth. Instead, let the brush air dry, and then store it in a clean, re-sealable plastic bag. If flying, keep your oral hygiene kit in your carry-on in case your checked baggage gets lost. 

3. Stick to Your Routine

dental careWhile your vacation time is all about relaxing, don’t get lazy with your oral care routine. Continue to brush and floss daily. You don’t want to come home with the unwanted souvenir of a cavity.

4. Pack Chewing Gum

Chewing gum encourages the flow of saliva, which acts as a natural cleansing agent in the mouth by rinsing away bacteria and debris. Buy a pack with the American Dental Association® seal of approval for your holiday. Additionally, chewing gum alleviates the pressure in your ears that comes with airplane flights.

5. Know Where to Go in Emergencies

Have your dentist’s contact information on hand when traveling. If an issue arises and you’re not sure whether you need urgent care, you can contact them to check. If you’re traveling abroad and need emergency dentistry assistance, ask the local consulate or U.S. embassy for recommendations. 


If you’re traveling in the Somerset, KY, area and need dental care, trust Tohill Dentistry. This family-owned business has been serving locals for over 38 years, providing top quality care at affordable prices. Run by a father and son team, they offer a welcoming atmosphere where patients can relax. For a full list of services, visit their website. For an appointment, call (606) 679-4450.

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