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Why Preventative Animal Care Is Good For Everyone: Advice From TLC Pet Care Centers August 18, 2015

Springfield, Hamilton
Why Preventative Animal Care Is Good For Everyone: Advice From TLC Pet Care Centers, Springfield, Ohio

Fleas are annoying enough on their own, but did you know they can also spread diseases and other parasites? If you live in Greater Cincinnati, go get your pet vaccinated at TLC Pet Care Centers and ask their certified veterinarians about effective flea and tick prevention methods. Pet wellness affects your entire family, and the following preventative measures will greatly improve your pet's chances of living a long and comfortable life:

  • Vaccinations: Cats and dogs can be vaccinated against many diseases. The core vaccines provided at TLC Pet Care Centers are for bordatella (for dogs), feline leukemia (for cats), distemper, flu vaccine (for dogs), parvovirus and rabies – common yet devastating conditions. Depending on the vaccination, follow-up inoculations are often required to ensure lifelong immunity.
  • Flea Prevention: The most common flea-related disease is FAD, or Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Pets affected by FAD scratch and chew their own skin so much it can tear, causing secondary bacterial and fungal infections when left untreated. Other parasites, such as tapeworms and “cat scratch fever” (bartonellosis), often “piggyback” on fleas and infect not only pets, but humans. Using a monthly spot treatment or oral medication is very effective prevention against fleas and the misery they bring.
  • Tick Prevention: Out of the approximately 80 species of ticks in the United States, the most troublesome one for your pet is the brown dog tick. Ticks can cause many serious diseases, including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Prevention against ticks is similar to flea prevention, as most topical flea treatments also work against ticks. Keeping your lawn short and regularly removing debris is a good way to stave off the moist, verdant environments fleas and ticks tend to inhabit. Check your pet for ticks daily if you leave near long grass or a wooded area; and if you find one, ask an expert at TLC Pet Care Centers about the best tick removal methods.

To set up an appointment at Cincinnati's premier animal hospital and pet boarding provider, call TLC Pet Care Centers at their West location 513-825-4011 and East location 513-683-2300.

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