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Helping Local Businesses Grow June 4, 2019

Mount Vernon, Knox
Helping Local Businesses Grow, Mount Vernon, Ohio

When a growing, local, car and truck dealership needed to expand their service area, they solicited the help of local contractors to construct the new service bays.  Jon’s Plumbing and Heating, a local, state-licensed and certified contractor, was selected to provide the heating, ventilation, water, gas and air line work in the new building.

Added on to the end of the existing service garage, the new service addition provides ample space for four, new lifts.  This particular building had some specialized needs that the customer wanted addressed.

As you can imagine, when one or more of the bay doors are open in the wintertime, the entire work area swiftly cools down.  So, the engineers specified high-output, gas-fired, ceiling-mounted heaters to quickly warm up the work areas thereby keeping employees as comfortable as possible.  These two heaters produce enough heat to heat four large homes, so the building temperature can be rapidly returned to comfortable levels.

Additionally, a significant amount of pipe work was necessary to provide compressed air for both the service technicians’ use and on some of the lift equipment.  Proper ventilation was crucial to prevent dangerous gases from harming the employees or creating unsafe working conditions.  State inspectors rigorously inspected all phases of the construction to ensure a safe working environment for the employees.  The result is a sharp-looking building, soundly constructed and possessing all the safeguards and features necessary for this dealership to grow.

When your business is ready to grow and expand, consider the importance of using state-licensed and certified contractors to help ensure your project meets commercial building codes.  Jon’s can assist you with your next project and help you grow your business.  Give them a call at 740-392-5667.

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