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4 Reasons to Build a Gazebo in Your Backyard June 12, 2019

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4 Reasons to Build a Gazebo in Your Backyard, Deep River, Connecticut

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, a gazebo is one of the many options available for enhancing your backyard. While similar to a pergola in functionality, it is different structurally. A gazebo is fully roofed, and you can hire a building contractor to include additional features like screened-in siding and a sunroof. Below are a few compelling reasons to build one on your property.

Why Add a Gazebo to Your Property?

1. Extend Your Living Space 

These days, more homeowners are finding ways to expand their living spaces, including tapping into the outdoors. A gazebo right in the middle of your yard can be transformed into an outdoor lounge for reading, or a private, secluded space for quiet meditation and conversations. If you have a pool, ask your building contractor to build the gazebo near it, and buy comfy loungers and tables for swimmers to enjoy.

2. Entertain Guests

building contractorGazebos are versatile and create space to host parties and gatherings. Put on an alfresco dinner with a few friends or a fun barbecue party with the whole family—your gazebo will work for both. Have your building contractor outfit the space with lights, electrical outlets, screens, and shades to make it comfortable and functional.

3. Protect Against the Elements

Because a gazebo has a full roof, it will shelter and protect you against the sun, rain, and wind. It allows you to relax in the backyard where you can enjoy nature—without getting sunburned or rained on. However, to ensure the structure can handle the weather, spray on a weatherproofing solution. 

4. Add Value

Outdoor living spaces, such as gazebos, boost your home value should you choose to sell. Many homebuyers are interested in houses that have functional backyards, as they often want extra space for activities like hosting parties and dinners. Even though gazebos aren’t typically factored into a home’s total floor area, they are still sought-after additions that can make your property more attractive.


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