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3 Design Necessities of Lakefront Custom Homes June 11, 2019

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3 Design Necessities of Lakefront Custom Homes, Bigfork, Montana

One of the top benefits of creating a custom home is being able to place it in your dream location. If it is a lakefront property, you can take some steps to maximize your enjoyment and make it safe for the whole family. To help you build a lake house that meets all your needs, here’s a list of design factors to include.

Essential Design Aspects of a Lake House

1. Storage for Recreational Gear

A lake house may bring out your family’s adventurous side. With this in mind, plan out a storage space for any recreational gear. You’ll want to keep belongings like canoes, volleyball nets, and floats safe, so build a shed or garage to keep them away from the elements.

2. A Sprawling Porch or Patio

custom homeFor quiet mornings with cups of coffee and lively summer evenings with friends, your waterfront property deserves a proper viewing area. If the lake is behind your house, capitalize on the view with a patio. If it’s in front of your custom home, gaze on the gleaming water with a wraparound porch. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want these outdoor living areas to include cooking spaces, swings, or fire pits for maximum enjoyment.

3. Fencing

While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add fun features to your lake house, it’s just as important to consider safety design elements. Whether you have children or will be inviting guests who do, you’ll need to take precautions to prevent injuries or drowning hazards. This means installing a fence with a locked gate around the water to ensure curious little ones don’t wander off.


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