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5 Can't-Miss Activities in the Bronx October 18, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Can't-Miss Activities in the Bronx  , Brooklyn, New York

The Bronx is one of New York’s most vibrant and underappreciated boroughs. Just north of and across the Harlem River from Manhattan, this area has been home to a diverse collection of luminaries, from Edgar Allen Poe to John F. Kennedy to Grandmaster Flash and Cardi B. Here are five top reasons why you should take a car service up to the Boogie Down

What to Do in the Bronx 

1. Yankee Stadium 

If you’re in the city during baseball season, catch a game at Yankee Stadium for a quintessential New York experience. True fans can sign up for a pregame tour of the iconic 1923 construction, or purchase a Hands on History ticket that lets you touch artifacts like Babe Ruth’s bat, Mickey Mantle’s outfielder glove, or Derek Jeter’s jersey. After the game is over, skip the crowds at the 161st Street stop and call a car service home instead. 

2. Bronx Zoo 

Kids and adults alike marvel at the majestic wildlife in this urban jungle. Featuring over 650 species from snow leopards to sea lions, this storied wildlife conservation park has been entertaining visitors since 1899. Children especially adore the dinosaur safari, the insect-themed carousel, and the seasonal camel rides. 

3. New York Botanical Garden

cabFounded in 1891, this venerable living museum has over 250 acres of greenery to explore. Frolic in the blossoming springtime daffodil fields, or take a miniature vacation through the tropical rainforest and hot desert biomes in the Conservatory in winter. If you’re lucky — or unlucky — enough, you might even get to see the infamous corpse flower bloom

4. Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

It’s startling to see this quaint little house, believed to have been built in 1797, amid the bustle of the Grand Concourse area that surrounds it. Poe only lived there for a short while — from 1846 and until his death in 1849— but it’s where he wrote what is arguably his most famous work, Annabel. The collection is small but inexpensive, and docents offer informative and engaging tours, making it well worth a car service trip. 

5. Arthur Avenue 

When you’ve had your fill of culture, refuel with fresh pasta, scrumptious cannoli, and vivifying espresso on Arthur Avenue, the central hub of New York’s real Little Italy. Many of the artisanal bakeries, groceries, and restaurants along this stretch have been family-owned for generations. Soak up the charming, inviting neighborhood atmosphere over generous portions of red sauce just like Nonna used to make. 


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