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4 Plumbing Tasks to Leave to the Professionals June 11, 2019

Pine Grove, Amador
4 Plumbing Tasks to Leave to the Professionals, Pine Grove, California

When it comes to clogged toilets or water leaks, DIY repairs can sometimes be sufficient. However, more extensive tasks are usually better left to professional plumbers to prevent accidentally making the problem worse, injuring yourself, or damaging your home. Here are a handful of plumbing jobs you should not do on your own. 

4 Jobs to Leave to Professional Plumbers

1. Damaged Water Lines

Water line issues often indicate serious damage to the tube or hose. In many cases, the entire water line will need to be replaced. Since doing this task improperly could flood your home, let the experts handle it. 

plumber2. Low Water Pressure

It’s usually difficult to diagnose the exact cause of low water pressure without professional help. The problem may stem from leaks, cracked pipes, or another issue entirely. Allow a plumber to diagnose the issue and repair it to ensure a thorough fix. 

3. Sewer Issues

When your sewer or septic system overflows or backs up, repairing the issue improperly could be harmful to your health, if you’re exposed to toxic waste. Moreover, if you need to dig to access your septic tank, you may accidentally hit a gas or electrical line. Plumbers have the heavy machinery, experience, and safety gear to get the job done the right way.

4. Pipe Replacements

Pipe replacements require precise measurements, sizing, and materials. In some cases, pipes also need to be welded. Since this task involves many parts and tools that the average homeowner doesn’t own or have experience with, call a plumber who can complete the work with ease. 


The next time you have pipe issues, get in touch with the plumbers at Amador Plumbing. For over 20 years, they have provided toilet repairs, drain cleaning, and installation services to clients throughout Sutter Creek, CA. Call (209) 223-2204 for 24-hour emergency plumbing, and visit them online to learn more about their many on-call plumbing services. 

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