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3 Signs You Need a New Dishwasher June 14, 2019

Havelock, Lincoln
3 Signs You Need a New Dishwasher, Lincoln, Nebraska

After a large dinner, you rely on your dishwasher to save time and effort on cleanup. However, the average life span of such an appliance is only seven to 12 years. Unless you want to find yourself elbow deep in soapy dishwater, you need to repair or replace it promptly when it starts to wear down. Below are some of the clues to pay attention to that signal you’re due for an upgrade.

How to Tell You Need to Replace Your Dishwasher 

1. Rust

If you see rust in the dishwasher chamber after running a cycle, it could mean the interior protective layer has started to peel or break off. This can cause the moving parts to corrode. It can also leave traces of rust on your dishes. To make sure the rust isn’t from a pot or pan, run a dishwasher cycle with just a capful of lemon juice. If no corrosion appears, check your cookware for rust. If you still see signs of rusting, contact an appliance store for a replacement.

2. Cold Dishes

appliances in Lincoln, NEWhen the rinse cycle is done, your dishes should feel hot to the touch. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration lists 171 degrees Fahrenheit as the minimum for safe dishwasher water temperature. If the dishes come through the dishwasher cycle feeling cool to the touch, they are likely not as clean or sanitary as they should be. Consider replacing the appliance or having it repaired.

3. Age

As mentioned above, the average life span of a dishwasher is about ten years. If yours has reached or exceeded that age, it's time to consider getting a new appliance. Along with avoiding a breakdown, replacing the dishwasher now can provide you with features and conveniences that weren't previously available. For example, new models are typically much more energy-efficient, so you may also save considerably on utility bills.


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