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How Your Lifestyle Might Impact Your Life Insurance Rate July 10, 2019

Hurst Park, Northeast Tarrant
How Your Lifestyle Might Impact Your Life Insurance Rate, Northeast Tarrant, Texas

When arriving at a car insurance rate, your provider considers your driving habits and history. Therefore, it only makes sense that life insurance companies would put the same consideration into your lifestyle. If you want to know what changes you can make to improve your given rate, consult the following list of influential factors.

3 Lifestyle Factors That Influence Life Insurance Rates 

1. Smoking & Drinking

While drinking in moderation probably won’t affect your rate, indulging in either of these substances in excess will raise your payments. Because of the risk of health issues such as lung cancer, heart disease, and liver problems, insurance companies consider individuals who smoke and drink to be more of a liability. By cutting down or eliminating these habits, you could save a considerable amount of money in addition to improving your health.  

2. Job

life insuranceDepending on your occupation, your life insurance premium could vary considerably. For example, race car drivers and professional boxers participate in regular activities that could cause severe injuries, shortening their expected life span. If you work a nine-to-five desk job or manage a retail store, you’ll be more likely to save money on your life insurance rates.

3. Hobbies

Life insurance providers will even take your off-the-clock activities into account when setting your rates. If you enjoy reading, gardening, and jogging, you’ll probably get a better rate than someone who skydives or scuba dives. Do you tend to travel to daring locations or sleepy beach towns? While you might not be willing to give up your passion for a lower rate, it’s worth knowing where you stand in the eyes of a life insurance company.


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