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A Guide to Automated Patch Management for IT Networks June 11, 2019

St. Charles, St. Charles
A Guide to Automated Patch Management for IT Networks, St. Charles, Missouri

In the modern business environments, IT networks have become more vulnerable than ever. With the rise of hacking, viruses, and malware, firms can be highly susceptible to data theft and sabotage, especially when they have a large scale of employees. One technique designed to combat these vulnerabilities is known as patching, which can be done both manually and via automation. Here is a guide to why automated patch management is the best option for your IT network. 

What Is Automated Patch Management? 

IT networkA “patch” is a piece of computer code designed to fix or improve an existing weakness in a network, and an automated management system installs internal systems to create them on your behalf. Instead of having your IT team manually probe through the network, run standalone tests, and attempt to institute best practices, the automated approach lets you install the system on company computers and servers, where it runs in the background. It’s possible to schedule the patches so they can be completed at any time of day, ensuring that they don’t bother any users. 

What Are the Benefits of Automated Patch Management?

The biggest advantage of automated patch management is that the patching becomes more comprehensive, resulting in a safer overall network for your company. The latest updates will be installed quickly. Moreover, it frees your IT staff to focus on large-scale issues or develop high-level improvements to the system. Additionally, if the company is being regulated by an agency or is in a situation where they need to show compliance, automated patch management will reflect that the firm is putting its best foot forward to secure the network. 


If you’ve been patching manually or haven’t had time to patch at all, it’s smart to set up an automated patch system with the help of an IT network expert. WheelHouse Solutions has helped develop, protect, and upgrade IT networks in the Greater St. Louis, MO, area. In business for over 19 years, the professionals can work with nearly any major platform, including Windows®, Linux™, and Oracle®. To set up a free consultation about automated patching, call (314) 492-2506. Learn more about the IT consulting crew by visiting their website.

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