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The Benefits of Insulated Windows for Summer July 15, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
The Benefits of Insulated Windows for Summer, Spring Valley, New York

Homeowners and commercial business owners often consider insulated window replacements in the winter to keep out the cold. While insulated glass is excellent for this purpose, custom windows with double panes are also advantageous in the hot summer months. If you’re looking for ways to improve the overall look and efficiency of your home, here’s some information on why you should explore insulated glass installation for summer. 

What Are Insulated Windows?

Traditional windows include one pane of glass. Insulated windows or dual pane windows contain two panes of glass as well as additional coatings and gas fillers between the panes. The two panes of glass create physical barriers that minimize air seepage and keep hot summer air from penetrating your living spaces. The space between these panes is filled with either inert argon or krypton. These two gases are poor conductors of heat, which means they’ll help limit the transfer of air.

Window ReplacementWhen shopping for the right window replacement, ask about each product’s R-value. This rating measures the window’s overall efficiency when it comes to air seepage and controlling heat conduction. Typically, ENERGY STAR®-rated windows have an R-value of 3. 

Why Schedule Window Replacement in Time for Summer?

There’s more to insulated windows than saving money on utility bills by keeping cold are inside and hot air out. Insulated windows soften incoming noise, so you won’t be disturbed by children playing when school is out of session, landscaping noises, or your neighbor’s backyard BBQ. The gap between the two panes of glass also reduces condensation on your windows. Better still, if you have a summer vacation planned, insulated windows increase your home’s security since they’re harder to break. 


If you’re a homeowner or commercial business owner and are interested in improving your comfort and energy efficiency this summer by scheduling insulated window replacement, call Monsey Glass. Since opening for business over 50 years ago, this glass installation, replacement, and repair company has established a reputation for quality service at affordable prices. Their wide service area includes Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties, NY, as well as parts of Bergen County, NJ. They also serve New York City. Call (845) 352-2200 to schedule a consultation and visit their website or Facebook page to find out how this industry leader has earned the respect and repeat business of customers throughout the region. 

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