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4 Tips for Preparing Kids for X-Rays June 11, 2019

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4 Tips for Preparing Kids for X-Rays, Anchorage, Alaska

An X-ray is a noninvasive way for doctors to examine the internal tissues of the body. While there is no discomfort involved, the process can be intimidating for young children, especially if it’s their first time getting one. If your little one is undergoing this procedure, you may want to prepare them for their upcoming appointment. To help you keep them relaxed and comfortable, here are some tips for making the process stress-free. 

How to Comfort a Child Before an X-Ray

1. Explain Its Purpose

For many kids, the unknown is a scary prospect. Explaining why an x-ray is necessary reassures them that the procedure is meant to help them. X-rays let doctors look inside the body to make sure tissues like bones and organs are healthy. After this conversation, your little one might even get excited to get a glimpse of their body in a unique way.

2. Let Them Know What to Expect

To alleviate any of their fears and prepare them, tell them what will happen during the appointment. Your child may have to remove metal bracelets, earrings, and other accessories so they don’t interfere with the imagining. Depending on what part of the body is being examined, they might also have to change into a special gown that won’t be seen by the machine. They’ll also have to sit or lay very still to provide a clear image. Reassure your little one that they’ll feel no pain during this. 

3. Encourage Questions

X-RayDoctors and staff are happy to answer any questions your child has. Maybe they are curious about how the test works or want to know about other ways doctors examine body tissues. By asking questions during their appointment, they will feel in control and forget their anxiety. 

4. Be There for Them

It’s common for parents to accompany their kids during x-rays. Your presence can be reassuring, allowing your child to remain relaxed during the test. This will also let you ask any questions you have about the process. 


Patients First Medical Clinic in Anchorage, AK, goes above and beyond to ensure their patients feel at ease. They take the time to explain procedures like x-rays to young children so they remain calm and relaxed during testing. This full-service clinic also accepts walk-ins to help you on your terms. Learn more about their practice online, or call (907) 333-7425 to schedule an appointment. 

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