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How to Talk to Teachers About Problems at Preschool June 12, 2019

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How to Talk to Teachers About Problems at Preschool, Westport, Connecticut

Preschool gives children opportunities to make their first friends and build a foundation for future education. Sometimes, however, kids can have trouble adapting to this environment. Whether the issue is with behavior, their peers, or a potentially mishandled situation, parents should be able to bring their concerns up with teachers to find an effective solution. The following guide outlines the steps you can take to work productively with your child’s preschool center.

5 Constructive Ways to Discuss Your Child’s Problems at School

1. Chat With Your Child First

Before you approach the preschool center, get an understanding of the situation from your child’s perspective. Ask them to describe what happened, and if possible, reach out to other parents to see if their children’s details correspond. Even if you weren’t there, having a few accounts can help clarify the matter.

2. List Your Concerns

preschool centerWhen speaking to a teacher about your child, you’ll want to have a clear and comprehensive list of topics to discuss. This will ensure that nothing of priority is forgotten. Think about the problem, how your child feels about it, what you want to ask, and what outcome you’re seeking.

3. Schedule Time to Talk

Rather than emails and voicemails, face-to-face appointments are ideal for discussing problems at school. A two-way conversation creates room for constructive dialogue and idea sharing. Call the preschool center and schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher, preferably when you both have free time. If you try to talk while dropping off your child before work, for instance, you’ll both be rushed and unable to come up with satisfying results.

4. Discuss Solutions Together

Discussing the issues your child is having can be upsetting, and as child care professionals, teachers understand that. Consider your meeting a chance to work together to find the best outcome for your little one. Stay calm, positive, and open-minded. Make sure the teacher understands your child’s needs and point of view, and listen to what they have to say, as well. Together, you can reach a beneficial compromise.

5. Build a Relationship

Research indicates that parental involvement in education has a positive impact on academic performance, and having a good relationship with your child’s teachers is an excellent start. Teachers see first-hand how students cope in social and academic situations, so keeping in touch with them can give you valuable insight into your child’s progress. Emphasize your desire to stay involved in your child’s education, and take the time to discuss new developments during pick-ups and drop-offs.


You want the best education for your child, and that means finding a top quality preschool center staffed by teachers who care. Pumpkin Preschool in Fairfield County, CT, provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere for children six weeks to eight years old. This early learning center is committed to encouraging growth, developing new skills, and inspiring confidence in every child. To speak with a staff member about enrollment, call (203) 255-7505 today. Learn more about their philosophy and goals online.

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