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4 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Road Trip June 12, 2019

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Road Trip, Waterbury, Connecticut

As you prepare to embark on an adventure-filled road trip with your friends of family, a little auto maintenance will go a long way toward keeping you safe. Whether you intend to cross a few state lines or simply go on a long day trip, your vehicle must be in excellent condition to handle extended hours on the road. Here are a few tips to get your car road-trip-ready. 

Auto Maintenance Tips for Road Trips

1. Get Fluids Topped Off & Changed

Request fluid checks from an auto maintenance shop, and have them topped off or changed as needed. Make sure the motor oil, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid are all covered. Dirty oil contributes to overheating and premature wear. Your mechanic should also check for leaks to keep your engine, transmission, and wipers operating efficiently. 

2. Check the Tire Pressure

auto maintenanceInvest in an inexpensive pressure gauge tool to check your tire pressure before heading out. Temperature changes affect the pressure; for example, hot weather causes it to increase, and then it will drop if the car is parked in a cool garage, potentially resulting in inflation issues. Under-inflated tires make too much contact with the road and wear out faster, while over-inflated tires make too little contact, resulting in blowouts.

3. Remove Any Unnecessary Items

Remove any items your vehicle doesn’t need, since you will be adding luggage, coolers, and other belongings, such as sporting equipment. Extra weight means extra drag, stressing the engine. Additionally, you will need to head to the gas pump more often, costing you money you could be using to have more fun.  

4. Inspect the Battery

Examine the battery for obvious wear and tear, including signs of leaks and corrosion. If there is any damage or your battery is hitting the three-year mark, have it replaced to avoid getting stranded on your road trip. Additionally, test your battery’s voltage to ensure it doesn’t die. 


Make your road trip one you will always remember by ensuring you have a car you can depend on. To do so, schedule auto maintenance services from Vito’s Auto Tech in New Haven County, CT. This auto repair shop has served area drivers for over 30 years. Call (203) 755-0020 today to make an appointment, or learn more about their services by visiting them online

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