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3 Reasons Invisalign® Is the Best Orthodontic Option for Adults June 11, 2019

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3 Reasons Invisalign® Is the Best Orthodontic Option for Adults, Matthews, North Carolina

All too often, adults assume they’ve passed their prime for orthodontic treatment when this is not at all the case. With the advent of Invisalign® technology, dentists can work to straighten your teeth without traditional metal wires and brackets. Here are a few compelling reasons to talk with your dentist about Invisalign today. 

Benefits of Invisalign for Adults

1. Retainers Aren’t Noticeable

Made from a special plastic material called SmartTrack®, Invisalign retainers are completely clear and shaped to match the natural contours of your smile. Because they fit snugly against your teeth and are clear and shiny, they aren’t noticeable like metal wires and brackets. Also, since they don’t require rubber bands around the brackets, they look almost like you aren’t wearing anything at all, helping adults to remain confident and professional while undergoing orthodontic treatment with their dentist. 

2. Aligners Are Removable

dentistAnother powerful perk of Invisalign treatment is the fact that the aligners are designed to be removable, making it easy to take out your orthodontic appliances before big events like dates, presentations, or important conversations with coworkers or employers. Additionally, the removability of Invisalign paves the way for better oral health during treatment, since you can brush and floss normally during the process. 

3. Treatment Time Is Reduced

Since Invisalign aligners are customized especially for your smile, treatment time is reduced by as much as 50%. In fact, treatment with Invisalign is as short as 12-18 months, which means dentists can easily help people look forward to the day when they’ll be finished with treatment and able to enjoy their straight, perfected smile. 


If you’re not completely happy and confident with your smile, don’t wait another day. The dentists at Bellasera Family Dentistry can help with everything from regular dental checkups and crown placements to root canals and dental implants. With a commitment to patient safety and comfort, you’ll gain the smile you’ve always wanted while relaxing under their care. For more information about how these dentists can help, visit their website or give their office a call at (704) 321-7929.

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