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Manhattan's premier early childhood learning center for 3 - 12 year olds, featuring FasTracKids preschool and afterschool enrichment programs, summer camp programs as well as Gifted and Talented Test prep and Eye Level Math and English small group tutoring.

Thinking About Enrolling Your Gifted Child in a FasTracKids Program? Here are the Top Five Reasons to Join! August 11, 2015

New York, New York
Thinking About Enrolling Your Gifted Child in a FasTracKids Program? Here are the Top Five Reasons to Join! , New York, New York

Does your four-year-old learn much faster than his peers? Did your three-year-old start talking sooner than other kids his age? Is your pre-K child always eager to learn more outside of the classroom? If any of these sound like your child, he or she may be perfect for FasTracKids Learning Center's Gifted and Talented (G&T) program.

There are a lot of characteristics that parents and educators can look for in a child to determine potential giftedness. Some gifted traits include a broad vocabulary, the ability to focus for long periods of time on a task, a mature sense of humor, and the ability to find several different solutions to a problem. Enrolling gifted children in a FasTracKids enrichment program will offer them the support they need to succeed in New York City's G&T schools.

Knowing which enrichment program is best for your gifted kid is a challenge. Here are five reasons to consider FasTracKids’ G&T classes, private tutoring, and test prep:

We Get Results: Through their test prep program, FasTracKids helps children get into some of the most challenging programs in the city. Last year, 93% of students at FasTracKids qualified for G&T programs in NYC. Nearly half of them received a score in the 99th percentile! These numbers truly speak for themselves.

We’re Convenient: FasTracKids knows that today's modern families have busy and hectic schedules. Not only are they conveniently located all across the city, they also offer test prep services multiple days a week, making scheduling simpler for everyone.

We Know Gifted Kids: Enrichment is crucial for a gifted child to continue growing and succeeding both inside and outside the classroom. By adapting a diverse curriculum around a child's needs and interests, gifted children are appropriately challenged.

We Have Experience: For more than a decade, FasTracKids has helped preschoolers grow and work toward admittance into NYC G&T programs.

We Have the Best Technology: Being technologically literate is crucial in today's world. That's why they utilize computers, touch screen technology, and SMART boards, as well as low-tech hands-on methods, to keep students engaged while developing important 21st-century skills.

If you're considering challenging your curious child with an enrichment program, put FasTracKids at the top of your list. With affordable options such as group or private classes, these programs are an ideal choice for your child and your family. Visit us online to learn more, schedule a tour and receive a free assessment.