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A Guide to the Germiest Places in Your Office June 12, 2019

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A Guide to the Germiest Places in Your Office, Austin, Texas

Maintaining a clean office is essential for aesthetic value, for the comfort of workers and customers, and for the efficient flow of work and production. But there are a number of places where germs can accumulate—and some of them might surprise you. The following guide looks closer at these areas, as well as the crucial role an office cleaning service can play in caring for your workplace.

Common Locations for Office Germs

Elevator buttons are one of the biggest sources of workplace germs. Day in and day out, multiple times every hour, fingers are pressing these buttons—fingers that may not always be clean. Actually, any buttons attract germs, including those on water fountains, vending machines, office equipment like copiers, and microwave keypads.

office cleaningHandles are another common spot for germs to accumulate. From the faucet handles people turn when washing their hands to the doorknobs they use to gain entry into the office, it is inevitable that these surfaces will be touched by various hands throughout the course of any given workday. Keyboards collect germs as well. Even if you're the only one using it, a keyboard is a sort of catch-all for the germs, dried skin, and dirt and debris on your fingers and hands.

Issues & Prevention

Even though these germs may not be visible to the naked eye, they can still do damage. The main concern is that they encourage the spread of bacteria that cause illness. Improperly stored food or long-expired food forgotten about in the breakroom refrigerator can promote mold growth; it can also attract insects and vermin, which, in turn, generates even more germs.

An office cleaning service will be your biggest ally in making the workplace as germ-free as possible. They understand what areas require their attention the most and have both the equipment and experience at their disposal to sanitize, freshen, and polish surfaces as needed.


NAE Cleaning Solutions provides office cleaning services to the downtown Austin, TX, area. They are a locally-owned and operated cleaning company and janitorial service that can handle the needs of any workplace setting, from office parks to spas. They utilize green cleaning products to tackle the toughest germs while leaving minimal impact on the environment. Visit their website to learn more about the standards they hold themselves to. Or call (512) 761-8623 to schedule office cleaning today.

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