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5 Reasons to Start Chair Massage Training June 12, 2019

Mccully - Moiliili, Honolulu
5 Reasons to Start Chair Massage Training, Honolulu, Hawaii

For an aspiring massage therapist, mastering as many different techniques as possible will be of great value to your career. Chair massage training, which combines shiatsu, Swedish, and anma techniques, opens up an array of opportunities for newcomers to the industry. Here’s how you can benefit from learning how to perform seated massages.

Why You Should Get Chair Massage Training

1. Convenient Sessions

Some people don’t have time during the week for a one or two-hour massage. Seated massages are relatively short, typically ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. Quick walk-in sessions are easier for clients to work into their daily schedules, so you could end up completing several massages in an hour.

2. Variety of Locations

With chair massage training, you’ll have endless options for locations to set up shop. You might perform your services at an airport, shopping center, or office buildings. Some even choose to work from home or travel to their clients’ homes. Taking your business to the public where busy people can unwind at their convenience will find you the most business.

3. Health Benefitschair massage training

Massage therapy offers many benefits for the mind and body. Many people attend these sessions to help relieve stress, headaches, insomnia, stiffness, injuries, and joint pain. When you offer mobile or public chair massage services, you can bring these health benefits to a variety of clientele.

4. Larger Pool of Clients

Even if they might benefit from treatment, some people aren’t comfortable getting undressed for a standard massage and may be reluctant to sign up for one. Clients are fully clothed during a seated massage, so shyer customers will likely find this technique more appealing. Having chair massage training widens your potential pool of clients.

5. Increasing Opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapist employment is expected to grow 26% through 2026. This projected increase is much faster than the average for other occupations. Additionally, with a growing understanding of the importance of mental and physical health in the workplace, more companies are offering chair massage treatments for their employees.


If you’re ready to expand your skill set with chair massage training, sign up with a massage school that thoroughly prepares you for licensing and certification. When you attend Hawaii Massage Academy in Honolulu, you will develop your skills as a massage therapist and join a thriving industry of professionals. Their massage therapy instructors have over 23 years of experience and will teach you an array of essential techniques, from lomilomi to foot reflexology. Call (808) 955-4555 for enrollment information, and learn more about the massage school program on their website.

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