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3 Watering Tips for a Vibrant, Healthy Lawn June 12, 2019

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3 Watering Tips for a Vibrant, Healthy Lawn, Ewa, Hawaii

New homeowners are often unaware of the work involved in maintaining a property. Apart from routine gutter cleaning and driveway sealing, sticking to a lawn care routine will boost the curb appeal and safety of your new space. To prevent dry, dead patches, remember the following advice when watering the grass.

3 Watering Recommendations for Your Lawn

1. Irrigate Early Morning or Late Afternoon

Even if you mow in the afternoon, grass should be watered in the morning, preferably before 10 a.m. Later in the day, when the sun is at its peak, rising temperatures will cause the water to evaporate before it seeps into the soil and reaches roots. As temperatures are cooler in the morning, water will dry slowly so roots can absorb it. Otherwise, irrigate the landscape in the evening after the heat of the midday sun has passed.

2. Saturate Six Inches of Soil

Ewa-Beach-Hawaii-lawn-careAlthough you might have other tasks on the lawn care to-do list, take your time watering each section. A light sprinkle will only penetrate the surface. You need to water long enough that moisture reaches a depth of six inches, ensuring the entire root system is covered. To check, stick a wooden ruler or screwdriver in the ground to the six-inch mark. When you pull it out, the entire section should be damp.   

3. Don’t Water Daily

Watering daily will do more harm than good, so limit how many times you irrigate the turf each week. Otherwise, you run the risk of drowning the root system. Some types of soil contain more porous materials than others, so keep this in mind when figuring out a watering schedule. For example, sand retains moisture, so water grass in sandy soil every few days.


In addition to watering the grass, enlist the team at Ohana Nui Landscape to provide professional lawn care services. Based in Ewa Beach, HI, the technicians have over 15 years of experience providing yard maintenance. They also offer tree trimming and pruning to promote new growth. To get a free lawn care estimate on Oahu, call (808) 218-3612. To aid your irrigation efforts, visit the landscapers online to learn about their sprinkler repair and maintenance solutions.

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