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A Guide to Traffic Impact Studies June 12, 2019

Lewisburg, Union
A Guide to Traffic Impact Studies, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Managing the flow of traffic is always a challenging project, as even minor adjustments can result in major unintended consequences. Even adding a stop sign or bike path can cause congestion several blocks away, so any adjustments have to be made carefully. Hiring a civil engineer to perform a traffic impact study before these projects begin will help ensure you’re taking the right approach. 

What Is a Traffic Impact Study?

During a traffic impact study, a civil engineer or transportation specialist will visit specific areas to gather data about a specific issue. Based on their expertise and understanding of how drivers tend to react to certain conditions, they can often predict how a planned improvement will impact congestion, travel times, and the safety of drivers.

How Do Civil Engineers Conduct Traffic Impact Studies?

civil engineerTo accurately study traffic patterns, engineers collect detailed information about the area in question, as well as nearby roads, intersections, and highways. For instance, their analysis might include counting the number of vehicles crossing an intersection or analyzing the root cause of congestion at certain times of the day.

Why Are Traffic Impact Studies Necessary?

New developments, especially the construction of big-box stores, office towers, and subdivisions, can have a dramatic impact on traffic, bringing hundreds of new drivers to an area every day. Adding bike paths or expanding public transportation may also affect drivers, and even installing new road signs can create traffic several blocks away. Conducting a traffic impact study before making these or any other improvements help city governments avoid unintended negative consequences.


Since 1969, Mid-Penn Engineering in Union County has been helping municipal governments throughout Pennsylvania build better communities. With decades of experience and wide-ranging services, their civil engineers offer everything from accurate traffic impact studies to cost-effective construction planning. Visit their website for more on their services, or call (570) 524-2214 to discuss your project with a civil engineer today.

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