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5 Sump Pump Maintenance Tips June 25, 2019

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5 Sump Pump Maintenance Tips, Nixa, Missouri

For homes that have their foundation below the surrounding water basin, a sump pump is crucial to protecting the property from flood damage. It’s designed to pump out any water that seeps into the home, but if it is not maintained, it won’t operate as efficiently as it should—or worse, it could fail during a storm, allowing water to collect in your basement. Below are a few ways to prevent this.

5 Sump Pump Service & Installation Tips

1. Check the Wiring

Whether it’s being installed for the first time or set back up after cleaning, always ensure the sump pump is plugged into a working ground fault circuit interrupter and inspect the cord for damage or frayed wiring. Also, check on the circuit monthly as excessive moisture can cause the breaker to trip, which renders the sump pump useless.

2. Test the Pump

At the start of every season, test the pump by pouring a bucket of water into the pit. If the pump does not kick on automatically or takes too long to drain, it’s indicative that there’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.

3.  Keep It Clean

sump pumpOver time, the sump pump can become clogged with various debris that can cause issues, so it’s important to clean it regularly. Check the intake screen for any obstructions, and keep the discharge pipe and vent hole free of dirt, gravel, or anything else that can block drainage. Additionally, always inspect the pit and remove any visible items that have become lodged there.

4. Replace the Battery

Many sump pumps come equipped with a backup battery used to keep it operational in case of a power outage. Replace this every two to three years unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer.

5. Grease the Bearings

If left unattended, the bearings on the sump pump can become rusted or worn, which will decrease its effectiveness. At least once a year, apply grease or oil onto the bearings to reduce friction and prolong the life of the pump.


Performing these simple tasks will help protect your home’s sump pump, but eventually, it will require professional maintenance, and when that time comes, contact the experts at Hewitt-Messenger Well Drilling & Pump Service in Nixa, MO. For years, they’ve provided a variety of residential water treatment services to the southwest Missouri region, including Springfield, Republic, Rogersville, Ozark, and Branson, and they are a preferred provider for well pump and water purification needs. Schedule an appointment by calling (417) 725-8816 or learn more online.
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