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How Do Home Air Conditioners Work? June 12, 2019

Waynesboro, Waynesboro
How Do Home Air Conditioners Work?, Waynesboro, Virginia

Quality central air conditioning keeps your home comfortable during sweltering Virginia summers. Though homeowners often use air conditioners to stay cool, they aren’t always aware of how these systems function. However, understanding how they work will help you identify and explain issues. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Air Conditioning Systems Work

What Are the Various Components?

Central air conditioners have several indoor and outdoor parts that work together to produce and circulate cold air throughout the home. The outdoor equipment consists of a unit that contains a compressor, condenser coil, a fan, and electrical wiring.

air conditioningInside the house is the evaporator coil, which, along with the condenser outside, is primarily responsible for producing cold air. The unit also relies on refrigerant and a series of pipes that connect the interior equipment to the ones outside. A thermostat is used to control the entire system, and ductwork throughout the home carries the cold air into each room.

How Do They Provide Cool Air?

Air conditioners operate on a refrigeration cycle in a process that continuously converts gas to liquid and vice versa. The coolant is released as a gas that changes to liquid as it is condensed by the compressor outside. The coolant then travels through pipes to the evaporator coil where it becomes a vapor. Here, a heat exchange occurs, and warm air is removed. After that, the cool air is pushed through the ductwork by a motorized fan and circulates throughout the home. As the cycle continues, the temperature inside the house drops to the desired level. 


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