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4 FAQ About Kerosene as a Fuel Oil June 12, 2019

Montville, New London
4 FAQ About Kerosene as a Fuel Oil, Montville, Connecticut

Kerosene is a popular fuel oil option for homeowners. Extracted as a liquid from refined petroleum, it’s a clean-burning solution that can be used to power a furnace for home heating. If you use this oil, you may wonder how it functions. To help you care for your heating unit, here are common questions people have about this substance.

FAQ About Kerosene

What is it used for?

Fuel OilKerosene is most commonly used as a home heating oil since it powers furnaces. Campers and people around the world with no access to electricity use it to light oil lamps. It’s also a type of aviation fuel for jet engines.

How is it better for the environment?

Unlike wood, coal, and other fossil fuels, kerosene is clean-burning, meaning it doesn’t produce fumes. It’s also energy-efficient, helping you reduce energy waste and save in utility costs. 

Since it’s clean-burning, do I still need to clean my furnace?

Having clean-burning properties doesn’t mean this material won’t accumulate in your home’s furnace. Every furnace, regardless of fuel oil, needs to be cleaned regularly to remove soot and grime produced during burning. This will keep your system efficient and help you avoid costly repairs.

When do I refill my tanks?

Even in the summer, when you may not use your furnace for home heating, you still need to keep your tanks topped up. This is because a partially filled unit can become exposed to air, which leads to condensation. When this happens, bacteria accumulate in the tank, forming a sludge that can break down heating systems.


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