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A Brief Guide to Central Air Conditioners June 12, 2019

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A Brief Guide to Central Air Conditioners, Stonington, Connecticut

You rely on your central air conditioning system to effectively cool your home during the warmest months of the year. However, it’s important to understand how these handy appliances function in case they begin to fail. Learning a bit more about your AC unit can be helpful if you need to explain the problem to your HVAC contractor. Here is what you should know about how these systems work.

Understanding Central AC Systems

What Are the Main Components of the System?

The standard AC unit consists of several parts, including a thermostat, a series of refrigeration lines, a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor, along with ductwork that runs throughout the home.

What Is the Collective Function of These Parts?

AC unitThe process of cooling the home begins when you turn on the AC unit and set your desired temperature on the thermostat. When activated, the system essentially transfers refrigerant, or coolant, back and forth to maintain cool air. The process is fairly cyclical. As refrigerant pumps through the system via the compressor, it converts air from vapor to liquid. Then, the coolant travels to the condenser, which is designed to cool the air and transform the coolant into liquid, and finally into a mist. As the mist makes its way to the evaporator coil—located within the indoor unit—it converts the mist back to its initial vapor state and generates cool air throughout the house via the ductwork.

What Affects the Unit’s Overall Efficiency?

Sometimes you might find that the AC unit doesn’t produce the cool air that you expect. That is when you need to call an HVAC professional. The case may be as simple as replacing the air filter, which can occasionally become clogged and inhibit airflow. Sometimes it’s a more serious issue—the system might be old, for example, or it may not be properly maintained. You can improve the system’s longevity by having an air conditioner technician inspect it at least once a year.



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