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3 Types of Businesses That Require Storage June 18, 2019

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3 Types of Businesses That Require Storage, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Storage units are versatile spaces that can hold everything from files and photographs to furniture and clothing. If you own a business and are running out of room to store your inventory, you can also utilize a unit to save money on commercial space rentals. To help you keep costs down and profits high, here’s more information about a few of the businesses that can benefit from self-storage.

3 Businesses that Can Use Storage Units

1. Retail Stores

If you own a small boutique or shop, you might not have enough room in your property to store all your inventory. However, leaving excess merchandise scattered around your store can leave a negative impression on customers. Rent a storage unit to keep your items in pristine condition until they’re ready to hit the shelves.  

2. E-Commerce Businesses

storage unitE-commerce business owners are often based out of their homes since their sales are made online. As a result, if you run a web store, you’ll need a space to store your products until they’re ready to be shipped to customers. Using a unit can help with storage and organization so you don’t have to encroach on your living space. 

3. Pharmaceutical Representatives 

Pharmaceutical representatives often have to visit various locations to sell their products to medical centers and hospitals. Rather than stuff all your samples in your trunk and garage, use a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them safe from heat damage. This will keep your items in top shape to help you make more sales.


If you’re interested in renting a storage unit for your business, turn to Terra Firma Self-Storage in Gales Ferry, CT. This locally owned and operated storage facility features a wide range of commercial units, along with gated facilities and climate-controlled options. Learn more about their offerings and pricing online, or call (860) 464-5099 to discuss your needs.