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A Cable Safety Guide for Your Business June 10, 2019

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A Cable Safety Guide for Your Business , Washington, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re altering the layout of your office or setting up a workstation for a new employee, you’ll occasionally have to change the setup of your office’s telecommunications systems. Since these components are connected to your electrical wiring, you must take certain precautions when setting them up to ensure your workplace is safe from hazards. To help you keep your company organized and secure, here’s a comprehensive cable safety guide to keep in mind when handling them.

How to Keep Your Telecommunications Systems Secure

Organize the Wires

Aside from being an electrical fire hazard, having too many tangled cables can cause a tripping hazard in the workplace. To prevent liability, purchase mounting tape or brackets to keep cables anchored to the walls and floors. If you have any long cables, use a cord bundling accessory to keep them organized and make a positive impression on clients and employees.

Avoid Overloading Outlets

telecommunications systemsOverloading your circuit could result in an electrical fire. This occurs when you use extension cords and plug in too many devices, using more electricity than your circuit can handle. You can prevent this by having your employees unplug their computers at the end of the workday or installing additional outlets in your office. 

Don’t Place Furniture Over Cables

Avoid placing desks or chairs in the way of or over cables and wires. This will damage them and potentially cause the wiring to fray, which increases the risk of electrical fire or electrocution. To ensure your workplace is protected, keep trash cans, drawers, and other objects away from any cables.


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