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5 Reasons to Tint Your Cars Windows June 12, 2019

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
5 Reasons to Tint Your Cars Windows, Lincoln, Nebraska

When people think about investing in their vehicle, their minds usually turn to upgrading the stereo system or getting a new paint job. However, they should also consider window tinting. Darkening your auto glass doesn’t just provide you with immediate benefits but also helps with long-term maintenance. The guide below takes a closer look at some of these advantages.

Why Invest in Auto Glass Tinting?

1. Improved Security

When running errands, do you ever feel cautious about leaving items in your vehicle? Many people cover their belongings up so no one will take an interest in them. Window tinting can stop you from worrying, by obscuring the inside of your car from passersby.

2. Limits Skin Damage

UV rays can damage your skin—even through auto glass. Tinted windows reduce the amount of light which can reach you, lowering your risk of sunburn and premature wrinkles.

window tinting3. Preserves the Interior

Just as the light can harm your skin, it can also cause your upholstery to fade or crack. Window tinting, therefore, extends the life span of your leather and fabric. 

4. Reduces Glare

It can be difficult to concentrate on the road when the sun is in your eyes. Window tinting means you won’t have to worry about forgetting your sunglasses again. This will not only make you more comfortable, but safer on the road.

5. Lowers the Temperature

Sunlight has a way of raising the interior temperature of cars—something owners become painfully aware of every time they enter their vehicle after it has been sitting outside for a long time in the summer. Not only will your upholstery and seatbelt be less likely to burn you with tinted windows, but the air conditioner will need to run less, which can help lower your gas mileage.


Vehicle owners interested in window tinting should contact Capital Auto Glass in Lancaster County, NE. In addition to this service, their expert technicians offer windshield repairs and glass replacement. Visit the website for information on their mobile service and affordable prices. Or call the Lincoln-area company at (402) 421-6653 to schedule an appointment.

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