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Packing Do’s & Don'ts for College Students June 12, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Packing Do’s & Don'ts for College Students, Cincinnati, Ohio

With fall just a few months away, many students are thinking about apartment moving. Whether you’re heading to an off-campus apartment or moving to the dorms for the first time, there are a few key steps to take that will make the process easier.


Consider the seasons.

It’s essential to keep in mind the upcoming seasons when deciding what to bring to your new digs. If your family lives within a few hours of the school, you may be able to go home to grab winter gear before the cold sets in. However, those who are further away will want to bring clothing and bedding for all the seasons to ensure they’re prepared.

Hire a moving company.

Getting ready for college can be stressful as you gather all your textbooks and learn to navigate living in a new place. Don’t let moving be another stressor. Hire an apartment moving company to bring everything to the new place so you can focus on enjoying your time at home and having a great going away party instead of worrying how you’ll fit everything into your car.


Toss everything in boxes.

apartment moving Hamilton County OHIt may be tempting to jumble your belongings together when packing. However, staying organized can make everything easier once you get to the destination. Instead, place like with like, stashing kitchen items together and clothing for each season with similar pieces. Use large markers to label every box to further shorten the process of finding items once you begin unpacking.

Forget to consult your roommate.

If you’re moving in with someone, it’s critical to consult them to learn what they’re bringing before packing up. This way, you can combine kitchen items and furniture instead of having two of everything. This will make apartment moving easier as you’ll have less stuff and won’t have to haul anything back home because your roommate already has a duplicate in the apartment.


Those looking for apartment moving specialists should contact Big John Movers in Hamilton County, OH, to learn about their exceptional moving team. The company has been in business for over 45 years, offering free estimates and furniture disassembly and reassembly. Call the Cincinnati-area company at (513) 244-5646 or visit the website for information on their available discounts and specials, like taking $20 off your next move by liking their Facebook page.

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